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Noč Na Krayu Sveta

by 夢遊病者

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pinkytheent Wow, what a spectral experience, while also being satisfying. What is the difference between excellent and satisfying avant garde music and the other stuff? Construction, intention, and organization vs. random, loud noise wankery that doesn't fire any neurons. This is firmly the former. The chaos is sculpted to create lush scenes and feelings, melodies emerge from the haze like silhouettes stalking the trees in the night forest, instruments are all well chosen and arrangements thoughtful. Favorite track: Boundless Love / Resilience.
Slut Aus Nord
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Slut Aus Nord Hallucinatory black metal that really does feel like that strange border between wakefulness and oblivion... Favorite track: Boundless Love / Resilience.
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Deadpanist This is what an orgasmic dreamare sounds like between beauty and decency and spiteful surprises aiming for your throat. The talent and songwriting abilities of composition of this international trio is mesmerizing. It's worth sitting down with headphones and allow yourself this aural trip. Favorite track: Redemption / Retaliation.
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Russian/Japanese/American experimental ritualistic black metal entity 夢遊病者 (Sleepwalker) emerge from slumber with "Noč Na Krayu Sveta" a two song/half-hour LP of liquefying hallucinogenic sonic alchemy and transcendental avant-garde excellence. In the vast two-song composition 夢遊病者 morph into their most abstract and defiant state yet, reaching a state of near-ethereal cinematic deconstructionism that only leaves vague traces and queues of their primordial and vast melting pot of influences. Within, black metal, kraut, noise rock, free-jazz, drone, middle-eastern incantations and ritualistic psychedelia are melted down in a lysergic kaleidoscopic frenzy of sounds and then sublimated to reach a new zenith of masterful immateriality which consecrates the band at its most ambitious and confrontational state yet. Challenging the listener's senses and perception at multiple levels, "Noč Na Krayu Sveta" pries the mind open to enter its deepest levels, defying its boundaries and expectations almost with arrogant unpredictability, crossing thresholds of experimentalism and of creative ambition we hadn't yet fathomed in the band's still short but extraordinary career, but which we can now gaze into in complete awe and wonder. The result... something standing astonishingly between Ved Buens Ende, Zeni Geva, Bohren And Der Club of Gore, Galloping Coroners, Urfaust, and The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble.

As with much of the 夢遊病者 catalog, the root entity of inspiration for this release was a person, which then expanded out into the idea of how this person exists in the Sleepwalker universe and interacts with the world old and new. Are they open, kind, selfless, self-sacrificing and good natured—or are they cold, self-protective, brutish and menacing?

Noč Na Krayu Sveta (Night at the Edge of the World) plays with the notion of this dichotomy, interpolating the idea that what comes at night can be both devastating and exhilarating, driven by unsurmountable and inexplicable loss or an ecstatic revelation, an end or a new beginning. In continuing from the last release, to further magnify the self-referential and collaborative spirit of the band—other musicians, friends and fans, even family members were tapped to appear on the album. We are forever humbled and honored by them taking their time to contribute. This was a labor of love, loss, joy and disgust that we hope, in some abstract way, will make its proper connection.


released April 2, 2021

PBV — guitars / bouzouki / quray / vocals / effects / field recording
NN — fretted & fretless basses / moog / organ
KJM — drums / percussion / objects

Tracked remotely / Tver + Osaka + NYC
Produced & mixed / Aslan Raion Studios, 2018-2020
Mastering / James Plotkin, Plotkinworks 2020

Photography — YBS / BLS / MNR / NMR
Illustration, design, layout — LEV.FM
Logo — RM, VFTC

JG — noise / electronics / RS — trumpet / BS — violin
DYW — synths / JN — flute / bass clarinet / EG — flute
AP — oud / baglama / DRS — kubyz / RR RT BB KK JS JD IVS DYW — choir

Forever ode — BLS. a talisman for all ID


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